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The most important Spanish Brandy, a symbolic legacy of its heritage.
It is inconceivable for any wine rack to lack the presence of such a recognisable, historic icon.


The Terrys, on account of their business, lived halfway between the capital Cadiz and Puerto de Santa Maria. Santiago Jose Terry and Buset, born in Cadiz, in 1783, was the real pioneer of family business of winemaking. A man committed to the liberal Cortes movement of Cadiz, he was proclaimed Distinguished Son and Patron of the City in recognition of his outstanding performance against the French army, and a street in Cadiz was named in his honour.

Santiago was totally committed to trade, and to the exportation of wines and other products to various European countries, as well as to former American colonies… He was succeeded in the business by his son Fernando A. Terry, who decided to purchase a winery and produce his own wines in El Puerto de Santa Maria, thus entering fully into the business, not only as a dealer, but also as wine producer and wholesaler.

It was Fernando A.s eldest son, named Fernando Matias De Terry, who officially founded the Bodega which had been acquired, expanded and improved by his father, in the year 1865.

The Terry Bodegas, their wines and brandies, currently enjoy great prestige and recognition at both national and international level. Centenario, Terry 1900, with its yellow mesh and Carthusian horses are unequivocal symbols of one of the most traditional wine producers within the Jerez framework.