In 1874, FUNDADOR was born, the international trademark of Jerez Brandy.



The Company was founded in 1730 in Jerez de la Frontera for the production and marketing of sherries. The business vision of the men who created it, which was particularly forward thinking at the time the inception of the Company, meant that when Pedro Domecq Lembeye inherited the business from his uncle in 1794, he was able to develop efficient work management practices and highly skilled organisation.

Born in Gestes (Bearn province) in 1787, he married Diana Lancaster, a descendant of the former royal family of England. Under the management of Pedro Domecq Lembeye, the company was at the head of the sherry trade and acquired solid financial stability.

On the death of his brother, Juan Pedro formed a partnership with his nieces in six equal parts. Over time, they gradually all sold their shares until, in 1864, he became the sole owner of the business.

Juan Pedro remained single but in 1866, with Royal Approval of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, he adopted Juan Pedro of Aladro then Domecq, who became a truly fascinating character who led the business with his cousin Pedro Domecq Loustau and simultaneously undertook diplomatic tasks within and outside Spain.


Fundandor transcends borders to be the first universally known brand in the world of Brandies, illuminating the pathway for the world to marvel at the Brandies of Jerez.



Pedro Domecq Loustau had been commissioned to produce 500 hogsheads of an alcohol of exceptional quality, without time or price limit being set for the task. This approach could not have been more fortunate because, for a professional like him, it was a challenge.

After two years, he attained a top-quality brandy. Imagine his great surprise when the customer for such a special custom made order confessed his inability to cope with the payment. In this difficult situation, Pedro Domecq cancelled the contract and ordered that this huge amount of alcohol be stored in American oak casks in the bodega. The time passed slowly and, after five years he asked for a sample. The golden liquid with a strong aroma was an extraordinary brandy.

This unusual discovery suddenly opened the door to new horizons and markets. Pedro Domecq hastened to import stills and English machinery and, when he had sufficient reserves, launched a new brand, which appeared in 1874, and became the first brandy produced and marketed in Spain.

a new era begins


“A new era begins”

In the year 2015,  Andrew Tan, owner of the Emperador Inc.  the world’s largest producer of brandy with sales of 33 million boxes, agrees to purchase the Japanese firm Beam Suntory, wineries and vineyards of the former Domecq in Jerez, the brands Fundador, Tres Cepas, Terry and Harveys, as well as its distilleries in Tomelloso.

Andrew Tan, thus fulfills his dream of “having Fundador become part of Emperador,” announcing that “A new era begins” for the Jerez bodega, a motto that he wrote onto a Fundador wine cask with his signature. He has resolved to return the glory, success and positioning of the Jerez Brandy and convert Fundador to an internationally recognised global brand.

The name of the new company – Bodegas Fundador- is a declaration of intent, where the new owner has committed to enhance and re-launch the brand Fundador, without overlooking the other prestigious brands of sherry wines and brandies and their value in the national and international markets; as is the case of “Harveys Bristol Cream,” number one in sales of sherry, ‘Terry Centenario’, the leader in the domestic market, and ‘Tres Cepas,’ famous brand and of greatest potential in emerging countries.”