“A bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream is consumed every six seconds.”

Harveys is one of the largest wineries in Jerez and Harveys Bristol Cream is its most famous brand worldwide. Harveys was founded in 1796 in Bristol (England) by the merchant William Perry, who stored wines mainly imported from Spain and Portugal in some ancient cellars dating from the 13th century. In 1822 John Harvey joined the company as an apprentice and took control; to give it its current name; in 1871.

During the 19th century, Harveys became one of the largest importers of sherry from the Bay of Cadiz to the port of Bristol. In 1970 the Company established itself in the Jerez region through the acquisition of bodegas and vineyards.

Harveys Bristol Cream is the result of a meticulous selection comprised of 30 wines aged in American oak casks using the traditional system of soleras and criaderas.

It is the most sold brand of Jerez wine in the world, available in more than 70 countries and a market leader in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.


The colour of mahogany with flashes of old gold. Delicate, clean, fruity, fresh and aromatic. With a soft, creamy palate, mature, clean, elegant and harmonious, highlighting the fruitiness of Pedro Ximenez, evolved from the characteristic body of an oloroso, with, to a lesser extent its keen subtle aromas emanating from its Fino composition, whilst being infused with the elegance of the Amontillados. A complete, balanced and surprising compendium of wine from Jerez.


It is a sweet wine made from Finos has added sweet wine, are of straw color, delicate and working with sharp and fresh aroma. Must be served cold and is an ideal wine for all sorts of tapas, as well as soups, seafood, fish, ham and soft cheeses.


A classic medium type of Amontillado, a skilfully made mixture which displays a nose of sherry aged in oak infused with hazelnuts, with an elegant flavour and body. Its basic components are Amontillado with a little something of Pedro Ximénez to give its typical character of dried fruit and sweetness.


Harveys Fino is a Jerez fino, the colour of straw, crisp and bright. It has subtle aromas of almond and is vivid, sharp and elegant on the nose. It is clean in the mouth, a balanced, dry, full, complete palate with character and remarkable harmony. Its aftertaste long and persistent.


A classic Amontillado type medium, a mixture skillfully carried out that shows a fine oak nose and envinado with hazelnuts, with a flavor and stylish body. Its basic components are Amontillado with something of Pedro Ximénez to give you the typical character of dried fruit and sweetness.


Dry Palo Cortado sherry, bright amber color, with aromas, elegant and subtle in the mouth end dimmed and persistent. Ideal to enjoy with foie, sausages, cured cheeses, lamb and dried fruits. It is recommended to take fresh, 12º.


Is a Jerez annexd, deep amber color and bright, elegant aromas of long aging and great vinosidad evolved. In the mouth it is round, velvety, dry, spacious, very long, with elegant final. It is very powerful and explosive in multiple shades that end up in harmony.


This is a wine of dark mahogany color, which presents beautiful amber trim at the edges leaving in the tears of great smoothness. It is deep and voluptuous to the nose, with a great aromatic balance between tones of raisined fruit, toast and a perfect balance of sweetness and other flavors such as acidity, salinity and bitterness.


The colour of warm bronze and the peel of dried oranges, with flashes of old gold. A very smooth tempting aroma, with hints of sandalwood and spices, dried fruits and hazelnut; an intricate balance of fruitiness.

An intense flavour of nuts, dried fruits and fruit peels, sweet but not cloying; full in the mouth, with a velvety body, a reflection of the age of this special wine. Culminating in a fruity and spice enriched aftertaste which gently fades.


Very Old Rare Sherry more than 30 years.


The colour of amber topaz, medium bodied, bright with iodised tinges. It has a complex nose, full of aromas of fine wood and hazelnuts, well matured by a long aging process, very dry and full, with extremely long persistence.


The colour of glossy mahogany, with subtle aromas of hazelnut, hints of oak, combined with a dry palate, balanced, elegant and very enduring. An oloroso with the finesse of an Amontillado, a true rarity amongst wines.


Of Intense, rich, dark mahogany colour with some reddish hues. The palate is rotund, full, smooth, and well balanced, with a lasting aftertaste.


Of a very dark colour edged with iodized tones. It has deep bouquet of raisins, with complex base notes of crianza. In the  mouth it is smooth, with a magnificent structure of toasted flavours, yet full bodied, very tasty, vigorous, comprehensive and perfectly balanced.


Unique Spanish Company to supply to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of England,.