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Harveys Very Old Amontillado VORS crowned as
In the prestigious International Wine Competition
“International Wine Challenge”


July 7th will be remembered as “The Great Night” for Bodegas Fundador. The International Wine Competition ”International Wine Challenge 2016”, one of the most prestigious competitions in the wine world, celebrated its Awards Ceremony in London’s Hilton Hotel, known in the industry as “The Wine Oscars”.

The top award, at the end of the event, was for “The Best Wine in the world in all categories”. This year, 2 French wines, 1 Australian and 2 HARVEYS Spanish wines were competing

At 10.30 pm Mr Manuel José Valcárcel – Bodega Fundador’s Master blender and Winemaker- Mejor Vino del Mundo Manuel Valcarcel 07072016collected the award for the BEST WINE IN THE WORLD 2016, for HARVEYS VERY OLD AMONTILLADO VORS, the first and only Spanish wine to receive this prestigious award.

This recognition enhances HARVEYS prestige and is its biggest reward, and consolidates Bodegas Fundador’s leadership in obtaining maximum quality in its Sherry and Brandy de Jerez brands.

The award-winning Wine, HARVEYS VERY OLD AMONTILLADO VORS, is a VORS Sherry (Very Old Rare Sherry) that is more than 30 years old, originating from a Solera that dates back to 1904, and from the palomino grape variety grown in the Macharnudo district, the best and singular area for the production of Sherry. It is bright amber in colour, with golden rims, with a complex nose, full of aromas of fine wood and hazelnuts, very mature due to its long ageing period, very dry and persisting.


After receiving the award Manuel Valcarcel stated: “As the master blender and winemaker of Bodegas Fundador, it is an honour to take part in an event of this kind that is so important in the wine world. To achieve the award for the Best Wine in the World is the highest recognition that you can receive and rewards work and nurturing of Sherry wines. Being from Jerez I feel very proud and satisfied to be able to contribute to the recognition and prestige of Spanish wines”.

IWC Mejor Vino del Mundo Manuel Valcarcel 07072016

The Managing Director of Bodegas Fundador, Rafael Rendón, assures: “I feel particularly thrilled and grateful to Bodega Fundador’s whole family for the magnificent work that is done to preserve and drive the fantastic treasures that some of our soleras keep safe, and I would like to specially thank our winemaker Mr. Manuel Valcárcel, and to recognize his knowledge and dedication, making possible these unthinkable and nearly unreachable challenges”.